Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+64FA (擺)

put, place; display; swing, sway
Strokes (without radical) 15 Total Strokes 18
Mandarin reading baǐ Cantonese reading baai2
Japanese on reading hai Japanese kun reading hiraku
Korean reading pha Vietnamese reading bẫy
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ baǐ ]    to arrange, to exhibit, to move to and fro, a pendulum
   [ baǐ le daò ]    to play tricks on, to make a fool of
   [ baǐ shì shí jiǎng daò ]    present the facts and reason things out
   [ baǐ chū ]    to assume, to adopt (a look, pose, manner etc), to bring out for display
   [ baǐ dòng ]    to sway, to swing, to move back and forth, to oscillate
   [ baǐ tān ]    lit. to set up a stall on the ground, fig. to start up a new business
   [ baǐ ]    malaria
   [ baǐ ]    to arrange, to order about, to manipulate
   [ baǐ píng ]    to be fair, to be impartial, to settle (a matter etc)
   [ baǐ nòng ]    to move back and forth, to fiddle with
   [ baǐ shoǔ ]    to wave one's hand, to gesture with one's hand (beckoning, waving good-bye etc), to swing one's arms
   [ baǐ tān ]    to set up a vendor's stall in the street
   [ baǐ tān zi ]    to set up a stall, to maintain a large staff and organization
   [ baǐ fàng ]    to set up, to arrange, to lay out
   [ baǐ míng ]    to show clearly
   [ baǐ huàng ]    to swing, to sway
   [ baǐ jià zi ]    to put on airs, to assume great airs
   [ baǐ yàng zi ]    to do sth for show, to keep up appearances
   [ baǐ ]    ferry
   [ baǐ chē ]    shuttle bus, feeder bus
滿   [ baǐ mǎn ]    to spread over an area
   [ baǐ lóng ]    to mess sth up, to screw up
   [ baǐ pán ]    to arrange food on a plate, to plate up, food presentation, (watchmaking) balance wheel
   [ baǐ xiàn ]    cycloid
   [ baǐ tuō ]    to break away from, to cast off (old ideas etc), to get rid of, to break away (from), to break out (of), to free oneself from, to extricate oneself
   [ baǐ tuō weī ]    to break out of a crisis
   [ baǐ huā jià zi ]    lit. to arrange a shelf of flowers, superficial display (idiom)
   [ baǐ dàng ]    to swing, to sway
   [ baǐ shè ]    to set out, to display, to furnish (a room or house)
   [ baǐ she ]    ornament, decorative item, (fig.) sth that is merely for show
   [ baǐ she ]    decorative items, ornaments
   [ baǐ ]    to put on airs, to be ostentatious
   [ baǐ ]    erhua variant of 擺譜|摆谱[bai3 pu3]
   [ baǐ maì ]    hawking, street vending
   [ baǐ lún ]    balance (of a watch or clock), balance wheel
   [ baǐ zaò xíng ]    to pose (for a picture)
   [ baǐ zhōng ]    pendulum clock
   [ baǐ mén miàn ]    to keep up appearances, to put up a front
   [ baǐ kuò ]    to parade one's wealth, to be ostentatious and extravagant
   [ baǐ shì ]    knickknack, ornament, decorative item
   [ baǐ lóng mén zhèn ]    chat, gossip, spin a yarn
⇒    [ xià baǐ ]    hem of a skirt, shirt tail
⇒    [ tíng baǐ ]    (of a pendulum) to stop swinging, (of work, production, activities etc) to come to a halt, to be suspended, to be canceled, shutdown, (sports) lockout
⇒    [ baǐ ]    Foucault's pendulum
⇒    [ qián baǐ ]    last time
⇒    [ dān baǐ ]    simple pendulum (physics)
⇒    [ yaó baǐ ]    to strut, swaggering
⇒    [ píng baǐ ]    yawing (of a boat)
⇒    [ niǔ baǐ ]    to twist and sway (one's body)
⇒    [ yaó yaó baǐ baǐ ]    swaggering, staggering, waddling
⇒    [ yaó yaó baǐ baǐ ]    swaggering, staggering, waddling
⇒    [ yaó baǐ ]    to sway, to wobble, to waver
⇒    [ yaó baǐ dìng ]    indecisive, wavering
⇒    [ yaó baǐ zhoū ]    swing state (US politics)
⇒    [ yaó baǐ ]    swing (dance)
⇒    [ yaó toú baǐ weǐ ]    to nod one's head and wag one's tail (idiom), to be well pleased with oneself, to have a lighthearted air
⇒    [ míng baǐ zhe ]    evident, clear, undoubted
⇒    [ zhèng jīng baǐ ]    variant of 正經八百|正经八百[zheng4 jing1 ba1 bai3]
⇒    [ baǐ ]    to display (goods), to dispose of
⇒    [ zhōng baǐ ]    pendulum
⇒    [ shuāng baǐ ]    double pendulum (math.)
⇒    [ xiǎn bai ]    (coll.) to show off