Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+69A8 (榨)

to press or extract juices; a press to extract juices; a vegetable
Radical 𣎳𣎴
Strokes (without radical) 10 Total Strokes 14
Mandarin reading zhà Cantonese reading zaa3
Japanese on reading sa sha sai saku Japanese kun reading shiboriki
Korean reading ca Vietnamese reading
Semantic Variant(s)
Specialized Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ zhà ]    to press, to extract (juice), device for extracting juice, oils etc
   [ zhà ]    to extract, to squeeze out (juice etc), (fig.) to exploit
   [ zhà zhī ]    juicer, blender
   [ zhà yoú ]    to extract oil from vegetables, to press
   [ zhà caì ]    hot pickled mustard tuber
   [ zhà jiǔ chí ]    winepress
⇒    [ zhà ]    to press, to squeeze, to extract juice, oil etc by squeezing
⇒    [ zhà ]    to press (fruit), variant of 敲詐|敲诈[qiao1 zha4]