Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+6DC6 (淆)

confused, in disarray, mixed up
Radical 𣱱
Strokes (without radical) 8 Total Strokes 11
Mandarin reading yaó
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Cantonese reading ngaau4
Japanese on reading kou Japanese kun reading majiru
Korean reading hyo Vietnamese reading
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ ]    confused and disorderly, mixed, Taiwan pr. [yao2]
   [ luàn ]    to confuse, to befuddle
   [ ]    to mix up, to muddle
⇒    [ hùn ]    to obscure, to confuse, to mix up, to blur, to mislead
⇒    [ hùn shì feī ]    to confuse right and wrong (idiom)
⇒    [ hùn shì tīng ]    to obscure the facts (idiom); to mislead the public with prevarication and deliberate falsehoods
⇒    [ hùn heī baí ]    to confuse black and white, to say that black is white, fig. not to distinguish right from wrong
⇒    [ mín ]    scholars of various talents (idiom)