Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+7CFE (糾)

investigate, inspect
Strokes (without radical) 2 Total Strokes 8
Mandarin reading jiū jiǔ Cantonese reading dau2 gau2
Japanese on reading kyuu Japanese kun reading azanau tadasu
Korean reading kyu kyo Vietnamese reading
Simplified Variant(s)
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ jiū ]    to gather together, to investigate, to entangle, to correct
   [ jiū piān ]    to correct an error
   [ jiū ]    gathering, a get-together
   [ jiū chá ]    to maintain order, steward (policing a meeting)
   [ jiū tán ]    to censure, to denounce, to impeach
   [ jiū zhèng ]    to correct, to make right
   [ jiū zhòng ]    to muster, to gather a crowd
   [ jiū fēn ]    dispute
   [ jiū jié ]    to intertwine, to band together (with), to link up (with), twisted, tangled, confused, to be at a loss
   [ jiū chán ]    to be in a tangle, to nag
   [ jiū chán qīng ]    hopelessly muddled, impossible to unravel
   [ jiū ]    entanglement, dispute
   [ jiū cuò ]    to correct an error
   [ jiū ]    to gather together, to muster
⇒    [ tán jiū ]    to accuse, to impeach
⇒    [ liàng jiū chán ]    quantum entanglement (physics)