Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+800D (耍)

frolic, play, amuse, play with
Radical 𦓐
Strokes (without radical) 3 Total Strokes 9
Mandarin reading shuǎ Cantonese reading saa2
Japanese on reading sa sha Japanese kun reading subayai
Korean reading Vietnamese reading

CEDICT Entries:

   [ shuǎ ]    surname Shua
   [ shuǎ ]    to play with, to wield, to act (cool etc), to display (a skill, one's temper etc)
   [ shuǎ zuǐ ]    to show off with clever talk, big-headed, a smart-ass
   [ shuǎ zuǐ zi ]    to talk glibly, to talk big, to be all talk
   [ shuǎ zi ]    to play, to have fun
   [ shuǎ baǒ ]    to show off, to put on a show to amuse others
   [ shuǎ cōng ming ]    to get smart, to resort to petty tricks
   [ shuǎ feì ]    (Tw) (slang) to pass time idly, to chill, to hang out
   [ shuǎ nòng ]    to play with, to engage in, to resort to, to dally with
   [ shuǎ de tuán tuán zhuàn ]    to fool, to dupe
   [ shuǎ shoǔ wàn ]    to play tricks, to maneuver
   [ shuǎ huá ]    to resort to tricks, to act in a slippery way, to try to evade (work, responsibility)
   [ shuǎ huá toú ]    see 耍滑[shua3 hua2]
   [ shuǎ ]    (dialect) to make an unreasonable scene
   [ shuǎ laì ]    to act shamelessly, to behave in a way that leaves others tut-tutting and shaking their heads in disapproval
   [ shuǎ hoú ]    to get a monkey to perform tricks, to put on a monkey show, to make fun of sb, to tease
   [ shuǎ shī zi ]    to perform a lion dance
   [ shuǎ qíng ]    the play of passions, carried away by passion (e.g. to commit a crime)
   [ shuǎ tán zi ]    to perform a jar juggling and balancing act
   [ shuǎ ]    to go into a huff
   [ shuǎ huā zhaō ]    to play tricks on sb
   [ shuǎ huā qiāng ]    to play tricks, to dupe
   [ shuǎ huā yàng ]    to play tricks on sb
   [ shuǎ pín zuǐ ]    (coll.) to wag one's tongue, to indulge in idle gossip and silly jokes, to chatter endlessly, to speak glibly
   [ shuǎ laì ]    to act shamelessly, to refuse to acknowledge that one has lost the game, or made a promise etc, to act dumb, to act as if sth never happened
   [ shuǎ qián ]    (coll.) to gamble
   [ shuǎ naò ]    to skylark, to play boisterously, to fool around
⇒    [ shuǎ ]    to play
⇒    [ shuǎ ]    to amuse oneself, to play with, to tease
⇒    [ wán shuǎ ]    to play (as children do), to amuse oneself
⇒    [ guān gōng miàn qián shuǎ daō ]    lit. to wield the broadsword in the presence of Lord Guan (idiom), fig. to make a fool of oneself by showing off in front of an expert
⇒    [ shuǎ ]    a sideshow, vaudeville, juggling