Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+8B2B (謫)

charge, blame; disgrace; demote; punish
Radical 𧥛𧥜
Strokes (without radical) 11 Total Strokes 18
Mandarin reading zhé Cantonese reading zaak6
Japanese on reading taku chaku Japanese kun reading semeru
Korean reading cek Vietnamese reading trích
Simplified Variant(s)
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ zhé ]    to relegate a high official to a minor post in an outlying region (punishment in imperial China), to banish or exile, (of immortals) to banish from Heaven, to censure, to blame
   [ zhé xiān ]    a genius (literally, an immortal who has been banished from heaven to live on earth), an epithet for exceptional individuals such as the Tang poet Li Bai 李白[Li3 Bai2], (fig.) banished official
   [ zhé ]    (of officials in imperial China) to live in banishment
   [ zhé shù ]    in exile as penal servitude
⇒    [ zhǐ zhé ]    to criticize
⇒    [ biǎn zhé ]    to banish from the court, to relegate