Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+8D13 (贓)

booty, loot, stolen goods; bribe
Strokes (without radical) 14 Total Strokes 21
Mandarin reading zāng Cantonese reading zong1
Japanese on reading zou sou Japanese kun reading kakusu
Korean reading cang Vietnamese reading tang
Simplified Variant(s)
Semantic Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ zāng ]    stolen goods, booty, spoils
   [ zāng guān ]    grasping officials, corrupt mandarins (idiom); abuse and corruption
   [ zāng kuǎn ]    booty, stolen goods
   [ zāng ]    booty, stolen property
⇒    [ rén zāng huò ]    (of a thief, smuggler etc) to be caught with stolen or illegal goods, to be caught red-handed
⇒    [ fēn zāng ]    to share the booty, to divide ill-gotten gains
⇒    [ zaī zāng ]    to frame sb (by planting sth on them)
⇒    [ tān zāng wǎng ]    corruption and abuse of the law (idiom); to take bribes and bend the law
⇒    [ zhuī zāng ]    to order the return of stolen goods
⇒    [ zāng ]    to dispose of stolen goods