Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+9055 (違)

disobey, violate, defy; be apart from
Radical 𠔇
Strokes (without radical) 9 Total Strokes 13
Mandarin reading weí huí Cantonese reading wai4
Japanese on reading i Japanese kun reading chigau tagau yokoshima
Korean reading wi Vietnamese reading vi
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ weí ]    to disobey, to violate, to separate, to go against
   [ weí lìng ]    to disobey, to go against orders
   [ weí ]    to break the rules
   [ weí xìn beì yuē ]    in violation of contract and good faith
   [ weí ]    to disobey
   [ weí bié ]    to leave, to depart, to go against
   [ weí míng ]    to renounce profit and seek fame (idiom); to abandon greed for reputation, to choose fame over fortune
   [ weí fǎn ]    to violate (a law)
   [ weí fǎn xiàn ]    to violate the constitution
   [ weí mìng ]    disobedient, to violate the Mandate of Heaven (天命[Tian1 Ming4])
   [ weí ]    unwell, indisposed, out of sorts, euphemism or honorific for ill
   [ weí tiān haì ]    lit. violating heaven and reason (idiom); immoral character
   [ weí tiān ]    lit. violating heaven and reason (idiom); immoral character
   [ weí shī ]    fault, mistake, shortcoming, error, misconduct
   [ weí jiàn ]    abbr. for 違章建築|违章建筑, illegal construction
   [ weí qiáng líng ruò ]    to avoid the strong and attack the weak (idiom); to bully, also written 違強陵弱|违强陵弱
   [ weí qiáng líng ruò ]    to avoid the strong and attack the weak (idiom); to bully
   [ weí xīn ]    false, untrue to one's convictions, against one's will, disloyal
   [ weí xīn zhī yán ]    false assertion, speech against one's own convictions
   [ weí ]    to disobey
   [ weí ēn ]    to disobey one's benefactor, to violate debts of gratitude, to repay good with evil
   [ weí beì ]    to transgress, to violate (the rules), same as 違背|违背
   [ weí xiàn ]    unconstitutional
   [ weí ]    to violate, to go against
   [ weí kàng ]    to disobey
   [ weí ]    to disobey, to defy, deliberately going against (rule, convention, sb's wishes etc)
   [ weí shí jué ]    to defy the times and reject custom (idiom); in breach of current conventions
   [ weí ]    to go against the stipulated criteria
   [ weí ]    illegal, to break the law
   [ weí luàn ]    to break the law and violate the rules (idiom), misconduct
   [ weí fàn ]    to violate, to infringe
   [ weí ]    taboo, prohibition
   [ weí jìn ]    to violate a prohibition or ban, prohibited, illicit
   [ weí jìn yaò pǐn ]    illegal medicines
   [ weí zhāng ]    to break the rules, to violate regulations
   [ weí zhāng zhě ]    violator, lawbreaker
   [ weí ]    lack of discipline, to break a rule, to violate discipline, to breach a principle
   [ weí yuē ]    to break a promise, to violate an agreement, to default (on a loan or contract)
   [ weí yuē jīn ]    penalty (fee)
   [ weí zhě ]    violator
   [ weí beì ]    to go against, to be contrary to, to violate
   [ weí guī ]    to violate (rules), irregular, illegal, corrupt
   [ weí yán ]    unreasonable words, wounding complaints
   [ weí ]    to disobey and cause delays, to obstruct and procrastinate
   [ weí ]    to disobey, to defy an edict, to violate, to go against, to run counter to
⇒    [ weí nóng shí ]    not miss the farming season, do farm work in the right season
⇒    [ jiǔ weí ]    (haven't done sth) for a long time, a long time since we last met
⇒    [ shì yuàn weí ]    things turn out contrary to the way one wishes (idiom)
⇒    [ xìn daì weí yuē ]    credit default swap (finance)
⇒    [ huà rén weí cháng ]    histrionic personality disorder (HPD)
⇒    [ yoǔ weí ]    to run counter to
⇒    [ xiàn liàng xiāng weí ]    to not fit one's perception of sth (idiom)
⇒    [ xiāng weí ]    to conflict with (an idea or opinion etc), to depart from (established norms or standards etc)
⇒    [ kuí weí ]    to be separated (from a friend, one's homeland etc) for a period of time, after a hiatus of (x years)
⇒    [ weí ]    foot fault (tennis etc)
⇒    [ yáng fèng yīn weí ]    outward devotion but inner opposition (idiom); to pay lip service, to agree overtly, but oppose in secret
⇒    [ leì jīng shén fēn liè xíng rén weí cháng ]    schizoid personality disorder (SPD)