Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+9591 (閑)

fence, barrier; defend; idle time
Radical 𨳇𨳈
Strokes (without radical) 4 Total Strokes 12
Mandarin reading xián Cantonese reading haan4
Japanese on reading kan ken Japanese kun reading shikiri shizuka narau
Korean reading han Vietnamese reading nhàn
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ xián ]    enclosure, (variant of 閒|闲[xian2]) idle, unoccupied, leisure
   [ xián rén ]    variant of 閒人|闲人[xian2 ren2], idle person, idler, unconcerned person
   [ xián rǒng ]    officials with light duties, supernumeraries
   [ xián zai ]    at leisure
   [ xián zuò ]    to sit around, to sit idly
   [ xián ]    to lead a quiet and peaceful life in retirement, to stay home with nothing to do, to lead a solitary life
   [ xián xīn ]    leisurely mood, relaxed frame of mind
   [ xián sǎn ]    idle, unused, at leisure
   [ xián xiá ]    leisure, free time, unoccupied, not in use
   [ xián zhāng ]    recreative seal, bearing not the owner's name but a well-known verse or such, and used for artistic purposes on paintings etc
   [ xián tiān ]    to chat, idle gossip
   [ xián zhí ]    sinecure, position with practically no obligations
   [ xián huā ]    wild flower
   [ xián yán suì ]    idle gossip, irrelevant nonsense, slanderous rumor
   [ xián huà jiā cháng ]    to chat about domestic trivia (idiom)
   [ xián tán ]    variant of 閒談|闲谈[xian2 tan2]
   [ xián guàng ]    to stroll
   [ xián ]    comfort and leisure
   [ xián ]    elegant, graceful
   [ xián ]    (employee) having no fixed duties
   [ xián jìng ]    calm, tranquil
⇒    [ toū xián ]    to snatch a moment of leisure, to take a break from work, also written 偷閒|偷闲[tou1 xian2]
⇒    [ dōng xián ]    slack winter season (farming)
⇒    [ ān xián ]    at one's ease, carefree
⇒    [ ān xián zai ]    leisurely and free (idiom); carefree and at ease
⇒    [ ān xián ]    feeling comfortably at ease (idiom)
⇒    [ ān xián suí ]    leisurely and free (idiom); carefree and at ease
⇒    [ bāng xián ]    to hang on to and serve the rich and powerful by literary hack work etc
⇒    [ xīn ān shén xián ]    with one's heart at ease and one's spirit at rest (idiom)
⇒    [ yoū xián ]    variant of 悠閒|悠闲, leisurely
⇒    [ yoǔ qián yoǔ xián ]    to have money and time, to be part of the leisure class, the idle rich
⇒    [ xián sǎn ]    unemployed and idle
⇒    [ duǒ qīng xián ]    to avoid external disturbance in order to idle
⇒    [ yoú shoǔ haò xián ]    to idle about
⇒    [ fáng xián ]    to guard