Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+95A8 (閨)

small entrance; women\'s quarters
Radical 𨳇𨳈
Strokes (without radical) 6 Total Strokes 14
Mandarin reading guī Cantonese reading gwai1
Japanese on reading kei ke Japanese kun reading neya
Korean reading kyu Vietnamese reading khuê
Simplified Variant(s)

CEDICT Entries:

   [ guī ]    small arched door, boudoir, lady's chamber, by ext. women
   [ guī ]    maiden, unmarried woman, daughter
   [ guī qíng ]    women's love, passion (felt by lady)
   [ guī fáng ]    lady's chamber, boudoir, harem
   [ guī xiù ]    well-bred young lady
   [ guī chuāng ]    a lady's chamber, boudoir
   [ guī fàn ]    lady's demeanor, norms expected of women (in former times)
   [ guī ]    (coll.) (a woman's) close female friend, bestie, (originally written 閨密|闺密, an abbr. for 閨中密友|闺中密友)
   [ guī mén dàn ]    young unmarried lady role in Chinese opera
   [ guī ]    lady's chamber
   [ guī kǔn ]    women's quarters
⇒    [ jiā guī xiù ]    girl from a wealthy family, unmarried daughter of a noble house
⇒    [ shuāng guī ]    a widow's chamber (old usage)
⇒    [ shēn guī ]    lady's private room or bedroom, boudoir
⇒    [ mén guī doù ]    wicker door, hole window (idiom); fig. wretched hovel, living in poverty
⇒    [ lán guī ]    a lady's room (honorific)
⇒    [ xiāng guī ]    a woman's rooms
⇒    [ huáng huā guī ]    maiden, virgin