Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+968B (隋)

Sui dynasty; surname
Radical 𨸏
Strokes (without radical) 9 Total Strokes 12
Mandarin reading suí duò tuǒ tuō Cantonese reading ceoi4
Japanese on reading ta da zui Japanese kun reading ochiru namakeru
Korean reading swu Vietnamese reading

CEDICT Entries:

   [ suí ]    the Sui dynasty (581-617 AD), surname Sui
   [ suí daì ]    Sui dynasty (581-617)
   [ suí táng ]    Sui (581-617) and Tang dynasties (618-907)
   [ suí táng yǎn ]    Dramatized History of Sui and Tang, novel by Qing dynasty author Chu Renhuo 褚人獲|褚人获[Chu3 Ren2 huo4]
   [ suí wén ]    first Sui emperor (541-604) Yang Jian (541-604), reigned 581-604
   [ suí wén yáng jiān ]    first Sui emperor (541-604) Yang Jian (541-604), reigned 581-604
   [ suí shū ]    History of the Sui Dynasty, thirteenth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史[Er4 shi2 si4 Shi3], compiled under Wei Zheng 魏徵|魏征[Wei4 Zheng1] in 636 during Tang Dynasty, 85 scrolls
   [ suí chaó ]    Sui dynasty (581-617)
   [ suí ]    last years of the Sui dynasty, early 7th century AD
   [ suí yáng ]    Emperor Yang of Sui (569-618), said to have murdered his father and brother to seize the throne, reigned 604-618